A Continental-scale Seismic Observatory



General USArray

Episodic Tremor and Slip
2.0 MB pdf
March 2011


USArray: The First Five Years
6.0 MB pdf
April 2009


Seismic Tomography
1.2 MB pdf
September 2008


Hosting Geophysical Instruments for EarthScope Experiments
467 KB pdf
July 2008


Where can I learn more about USArray?
1.2 MB pdf
March 2008


onSite, News from USArray

1 MB pdf
Fall 2012

Visit the onSite Archive to download previous issues!

onSite is a publication for hosts of Transportable Array stations and the general public.

USArray Instrumentation Descriptions

Transportable Array
1.7 MB pdf
September 2007


Flexible Array
4.3 MB pdf
September 2007


Reference Network
2.5 MB pdf
September 2007


Permanent Seismic Network: An Integrated Resource
485 KB pdf


Transportable Array

Education and Research Network Support Services
440 KB pdf
November 2008


Developing Cooperative Research and Educational Seismic Stations
650 KB pdf
April 2010


Transportable Seismic Network: Alaska
2 MB pdf
March 2013

Participating in EarthScope: Hosting a Transportable Seismic Station
1.0 MB pdf
April 2011


Transportable Seismic Network: Imaging Earth's Interior
2.0 MB pdf
April 2011


General EarthScope

inSights, the EarthScope Newsletter

Download inSights from the EarthScope web site!

inSights provides the science community with a regular forum for news and exciting science from the EarthScope program.

EarthScope Pamphlet
5.5 MB pdf
Spring 2009

EarthScope: Reassembling a Continent in Motion (Geotimes Article)
5.1 MB pdf
April 2002

USArray Program Documents

USArray Products Workshop Report
648 KB pdf
October 2004



USArray Data Management Plan
383 KB pdf
August 2004


USArray: A Synoptic Investigation of the Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of the North American Continent
896 KB pdf
November 2000


USArray Initiative (GSA Today Article)
2.5 MB pdf
November 1999


EarthScope Program Documents

EarthScope O&M Proposal
Volume I (9.2 MB pdf)
Volume II (2.7 MB pdf)
Volume III (18.0 MB pdf)
March 2007


EarthScope Education and Outreach Implementation Plan
432 KB pdf
February 2007


USArray EFEC Site Review
12.6 MB pdf
May 2006


The EarthScope Portal
1.0 MB pdf
October 2004

EarthScope MREFC Proposal
7.0 MB pdf
January 2003


EarthScope Education & Outreach Program Plan
1.6 MB pdf
November 2002


EarthScope Workshop Report: Scientific Targets for the World's Largest Observatory Pointed at the Solid Earth
2.3 MB pdf
March 2002


EarthScope Project Plan
2.5 MB pdf
October 2001


A New View Into Earth
1.5 MB pdf
April 2001