A Continental-scale Seismic Observatory


EarthScope is funded by the National Science Foundation. EarthScope was constructed and is being operated and maintained as a collaborative effort with UNAVCO Inc. and the Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, with contributions from the United States Geological Survey, NASA, and several other national and international organizations.

The USArray activities described in this website are supported by the National Science Foundation under the following EarthScope USArray-related awards to IRIS: EAR-0323309 "Collaborative Research: EarthScope-Acquisition, Construction, and Facility Management (USArray)", EAR-0323311 "Collaborative Research: EarthScope-Facility Operations and Maintenance (USArray)", EAR-0733069 "Collaborative Research: EarthScope Facility Operation and Maintenance (FY2008-FY2013) (USArray)", and EAR-1261681 "Seismological Facilities for the Advancement of Geoscience and EarthScope".

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