A Continental-scale Seismic Observatory

Adopt a Station - Lower 48

Note: This information is for historical purposes only. With the exception of 19 EarthScope Reference Network stations that are still operating, Lower 48 TA stations have either been removed or adopted by local/state/regional operators or the USGS.

Initial Outlay for a Lower 48 Transportable Array Station

I. Standard Vault Equipment


II. Communications & Power






Sensor $18,500 $12,000 $18,000
Vault Equipment $16,800 $16,800 $16,800
Radio to Terminal
QEP & Environmental Channels $3,850 $3,850 $3,850
Radio to AC VSAT
Demobilization Credit ($2,075) ($2,075) ($2,075)
Radio to Solar VSAT
Radio to Internet
TOTAL $37,075 $30,575 $36,575
NOTE: A standard TA installation now includes a QEP and Environmental Channels. Excluding the purchase of the sensor, vault equipment, QEP, Environmental Channels, and communications and power systems specified above, the average cost for permitting, excavation, construction, and installation of a Transportable Array station is $21,000. A 6-channel DAS system costs an additional $1,100. Standard power for the vault is one solar panel and one battery. Each additional battery costs $200 and each solar panel costs $450.


Examples of Outlay Costs

  • CMG-3T, Cell, 3-Channel DAS, QEP, Environmental Channels   •  $30,575 + $1,000 = $31,575
  • CMG-3T, Solar VSAT, 3-Channel DAS, QEP, Environmental Channels   •  $30,575 + $12,250 = $42,825
  • STS-2, AC VSAT, 6-Channel DAS, QEP, Environmental Channels   •  $37,075 + $4,000 + $1,100 = $42,175
  • T240, Cell, 3-Channel DAS, QEP, Environmental Channels, 2 Batteries, 2 Solar Panels   •  $36,575 + $1,000 + $200 + $450 = $38,225

Maintenance & Operations Option (EARN)

Not all organizations have the necessary operations and maintenance support infrastructure to keep their newly acquired TA stations running. Organizations that adopt TA stations have the option to sign on for a subscription-based program (EARN Services) that provides the technical services to ensure that former Transportable Array stations continue operating and contributing data to the IRIS Data Management Center. Subscription rates are based on the communications technology present at the stations and average about $5,000 per year. See the Education and Research Network Support Services brochure for more information.



  1. New operator must provide identical equipment to the Transportable Array either through purchase or funds transferred to the USArray program.
  2. New operator must obtain a permit from the landowner for continued operation beyond the Transportable Array permit duration.
  3. Data from the station must be made publicly available via the IRIS Data Management Center.
  4. The Transportable Array installation schedule cannot be disrupted by the new operator's field operations or equipment acquisition procedures.

NOTE: Prices are effective April 9, 2010 and are subject to change.