A Continental-scale Seismic Observatory

EarthScope Status

These pages highlight the breadth of activities supported under the USArray component of the EarthScope program, which was funded by the National Science Foundation from 2003-2018. The legacy of EarthScope includes continuing research on datasets collected by Principal Investigators (PIs) and the IRIS-operated components of the USArray observatory. Most of the descriptions here capture the final state of these programs and are no longer updated. However, several of these activities, such as the Alaska Transportable Array and Magnetotelluric Array have continued past the official end of the USArray facility under additional support from NSF, NASA, and other agencies. Nearly all of the CEUSN and Reference Network stations have been permanently adopted by the USGS and other networks. Finally, most of the Flexible Array datasets collected by PIs during EarthScope are now fully open to any interested researcher, and many of the outreach materials and data products developed under EarthScope continue to be offered by IRIS.